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Penetration Testing

The weakness of system security can easily get exploited by an attacker. Hence it leads to the access to your sensitive assets. But Penetration testing can easily obstruct or stop this from happening. Testing reveals the drawbacks of the network designed for your business. It also informs that how invader gets access to back-end data and systems. Such testing is also quite helpful in revealing the loopholes as well as spotting the individual weakness to guard against the potential threats. At Weblicence, for this testing, we start with assessing the weakest link of your application infrastructure or network along with checking the other possible areas where an attacker can register its presence. We understand how valuable and precious is your information and data. Therefore we ensure best testing practices to safeguard your assets against the threats of the cyber world.

We have a team of experts for Penetration Testing. Therefore we are able to change the whole scenario. We increase the licenses on entry points & pivot the valuation for determining that any other system can get subsequently aimed or breached. The world is all surrounded by potential hackers who can breach your data. Our experts of Penetration Testing comes as a boon against these possible threats. Since we know what needs to be done to put a stop on such activities. Hence we are succeeding in this.

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Penetration testing tests for internal and external networks for assessing vulnerabilities in services and operating system
Wireless Penetration Testing
Application Penetration Testing
Revealing the attack paths across multiple layers of infrastructure.
Checking the vulnerability of end-user threats with help of Client-side testing

Most of all testing has become a crucial part in this technologically advanced world. Therefore, at Weblicence, our services of Penetration Testing is sure to deliver you significant results against the threats of outside world. We are a team of well versed and proficient experts. Our first and foremost step is to identify all the possible loopholes. As a result, we provide you the security services free from all the bugs and loopholes. Are you also getting panic with the threats of outside world? Then avail our services as they are bound to make you feel a difference. Our strong and satisfied customer base is the result of our rigorous and effective practices and techniques.