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SMO Tips (Social Media Optimization): That Optimized your Social Media Presence

April 4, 2018
Here we discuss the quick 7 SMO Tips: SMO (Social Media Optimization) a very crucial part of your internet search ranking. This Tactics ignored many companies, but it helps to increase your search ranking positions on search engines, there are two important social media search engines for which you can optimize your social media profile or page. In These Blog we described the two important search engines you must optimize for: 1. The Search function within each social network 2.Google Search When you follow the rules to according search engines or a search environment there are some direct or indirect advantages, the direct advantage is people become to know your profile and connect with you and, they visit on your website. The indirect advantage is more link pointing to your website connect to your profile. Here are the following quick SMO tips : ! Connect your website to social channels is a very effective SMO Tips Use to Social Media sharing tools to be optimized and connect your website, you must be interlinking your social media profile or YouTube channel on your website. Include the exact web link on your website from your website with your entertaining media channels and your entertaining profile. You can add entertaining media buttons to post additional blogs Social Media Links are high authority links and google search algorithms recommended the high authority links. Even if your Facebook brand page is new but it helps to rank position on SERPs because google consider the high authority links and Facebook is a high authority link ! Relevancy is the crucial part of the SMO Creating your social profile sounds likes easy task. yet it’s a standout amongst those principal territories the place organizations have a tendency with miss the mark. Round out most of the data 100%. Look engines have a tendency on good profiles with complete data accessible. It likewise makes a that’s only the beginning expert durable knowledge for others for your network, something like that every one of contact majority of the data clinched alongside your social profiles ought to make precisely the same Similarly as they need aid ahead your website. ! Optimized SEO Keywords & Social Media If you want to increase the performance of your media profile and want that more visitors come to your profile. Keywords plays a very important role, if you have not optimized your profile according to search engine ranking, then you should make your competitors giving opportunity to. Structure your keywords and target key phrases into your social profiles in a natural, non-Spammy way. If you can effectively use your keyword or phrase in your profile or page name, it will help it rank better in keyword searches on Google and within the social network search itself. In Organic way or non-spam link build your keywords Also target enter expressions under your social profiles in An Organic, non-spammy approach. If you could viably utilize your Pivotal word alternately phrase done your profile or page name,

2018 Web Design Trends

March 30, 2018
Effective 2018 Web Design Trend that Makes your Website More Presentable Website creation and handling plays an important part in making your work more effective and known among your targeted audience. Effective web design trend can help in making your website standout from the rest. The latest web design trends make your website more attractive for your target audience. This will help you to increase popularity of your website. 2018 Web design trends are  Variable Fonts: “Variable fonts build it possible to tailor character dimension for various screen sizes and languages to supply higher line length, adjusting text grade for individuals with low vision or in low-light eventualities, likewise as adjusting the ‘optical size’ of characters as they’re described at physically smaller sizes for higher readability. And that’s simply what we are able to see currently. Once we’ve got longer and real use cases, there’s no telling what proportion a lot of we are able to do.” Creative Layout:      “The web is a distinctive medium, and its high time we tend to established a brand new normal for it, breaking it free from the shackles of static print style. This new traditional involves cession management of our styles to the browsers that render them instead of perpetually interact during this battle to dictate wherever each pixel should fall.” Artificial Intelligence: “Chat-bots and voice user interfaces, additionally referred to as conversational UIs, were a giant trend last year. whereas lots of them aren’t driven by Artificial Intelligence at the instant. According to the research Artificial Intelligence is the latest trend in web designing. Sustainable Effective 2018 Web Design Trend: “It’s up to United States of America to help our clients create versed selections. By obtaining users to the content they have quickly, providing economical, comprehensive experiences once they arrive, and hosting our digital product and services with renewable energy whenever potential, we will considerably cut back the environmental impact of our work whereas making additional people-friendly solutions within the method. property style principles will and will create a large distinction, not solely at the small interaction level however at the worldwide level moreover.” Between bright colors, bold gradients, and unified animations, 2108 is a new year to be a fun year, we cannot wait to see how to go with the designers and how they will push the boundaries. And they give high quality effective 2018 web Design Trends

2018 SEO Techniques

February 20, 2018
Powerful SEO Techniques that work on 2018  I’ll discuss the accompanying SEO strategies in this post: Improve engagement to improve rankings. 1.Format Your Posts for Easier Reading Previously, today’s quickly moving world, seo strategies could change once a dime—and the Most exceedingly bad a piece is that you may not Indeed going realize it. Hacks that Might bring won you A front-page aftereffect as of late Similarly as 2016 are not just outdated now, in any case they might Significantly harm your website’s rankings. Great designing can right away enhance your page’s intelligibility. This, thus, can enhance your engagement rate. As indicated by eye-following examinations, the accompanying three arranging SEO strategies can help build your substance lucidness: Shorter passages: Limit each section to 2-3 sentences at most. It’s even alright to utilize one-sentence sections if fundamental, however utilize them sparingly or your post will resemble a slug pointed blog without the projectiles. Shorter sentences: Longer sentences are difficult to take after onscreen. Whenever possible, break long sentences into various shorter sentences these seo techniques can improve your visibility. Sub-headers: People don’t read on the web; they examine. To influence filtering less demanding, to utilize a lot of clear and instructive sub-headers to manage peruses down a page. Visual cues: When you have a ton of information — details, certainties, thoughts, illustrations — stuffed into one section (like this one!), it makes it less demanding to examine when you show them with visual cues. 2.Make Your Existing Pages Longer Existing substance as of now has specialist and a built-up readership. So as opposed to composing something altogether without any preparation, it’s considerably less complex to discover a post of yours that is as of now doing admirably on Google, invigorate it with refreshed data and additional substance, and depend on existing signs to make it rank for terms. 3.Compatible Extensions Program Extensions are bits of code written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They adjust the usefulness of Website Development program and can include new highlights, change appearances or substance of sites. Expansions used to be work for a particular program, for example, Chrome or Firefox. This is changing as Firefox is likewise supporting Chrome expansions and Edge is making up for lost time with this too. 4.Spotlight on YouTube SEO 55% of all catchphrase looks on Google return no less than one video and 82% of those recordings are from YouTube. YouTube is likewise the second most famous web crawler with more than 3 billion hunts for each month, outperforming Bing and Yahoo combined. Focusing on YouTube SEO will push your site onto the primary page on Google and get you movement from YouTube too. 5.Enhance Site Speed In 2010, Google declared that it would utilize site speed as a positioning component and from that point forward, Google has reliably underlined the significance of site speed. To begin with, it propelled the Page Speed apparatus to enable designers to enhance site execution, trailed by the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to help speed on portable locales.

Latest Website Development Trends

February 16, 2018
Website Development Trends in 2018 Website development helps us to learn more and explore the most from it. Technology has an ability to grow daily. Gone are the days when we had to struggle just to find simple referral contents. Technology has privileged us in a way that now everything from the pin to pen all is available on the web. Let’s check out the latest website development trends in 2018. VueJS VueJS is in a one of a kind position in Website development as it isn’t sponsored by a noteworthy organization. While React is upheld by Facebook and Angular by Google, VueJS was made by one individual, Evan You. Evan portrays his pre-dispatch and post-dispatch exercises in a blog entry, where he records every day exercises for the dispatch week. JavaScript Improvement Functional Programming (FP) portrays the way toward building programming in view of central standards. Standards of utilitarian programming incorporate building programming by forming unadulterated capacities. Shared state, alterable information, and reactions stay away from in FP. The user code is more unsurprising, and some say ‘simpler’ than question situated code. It is unquestionably less demanding to test. On the off chance that you have been working in JavaScript for some time, you are probably going to have experienced utilitarian programming standards and ideas, which urge engineers to disintegrate a program into little capacities. Compatible Extensions Program Extensions are bits of code written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They adjust the usefulness of Website Development program and can include new highlights, change appearances or substance of sites. Expansions used to be work for a particular program, for example, Chrome or Firefox. This is changing as Firefox is likewise supporting Chrome expansions and Edge is making up for lost time with this too. Progressive Web apps Dynamic web applications are web applications with the usefulness and plan of versatile applications. While the inquiry has for some time been: How would we be able to imitate web content for versatile – it is currently the other route around. Web applications are endeavoring to imitate what is dealing with versatile to give their (portable) clients a commonplace touch and feel. The thought is to make an application like ordeal on site pages or sites. Mobile Web Development 80% of web clients are owning a cell phone and they are utilizing it. Truth be told, the normal time spent on cell phones is relentlessly expanding and has gone up to more than 5 hours for each day, as per studies. One key component to accomplish that will be that substance must be effortlessly safe with one hand. Consider how you are utilizing your cell phone. You may read articles while remaining on the transport or tram and you may be messaging when strolling through general store paths. Odds are you are doing some of these things with only one hand. Read More…

Remove a Widget from an Area in WordPress

February 5, 2018
Step 1) Login to Dashboard. Step 2) Go to Appearance -> Widgets from left sidebar menu. Step 3) Click the arrow for the widget you wish to delete. Step 4) Click the Delete link.

Completely Disable The WordPress Admin Bar

January 24, 2018
Remember: When you install any theme update, all changes made are overwritten, so create child theme before disabling admin bar. Step 1) Login to Dashboard. Step 2) Go to Appearance -> Editor in sidebar menu. Step 3) Click on functions.php file. Step 4) Copy Paste the following code in your functions.php file. add_filter(‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’); Step 5) Click Update File button, and it’s done.

Change the time and date on WordPress post

January 22, 2018
Step 1) Login to Dashboard. Step 2) Go to Posts -> All Post in the sidebar menu.   Step 3) While hovering on the post you want to change, click on the quick edit link. Step 4) Do the changes as per your need, and then click Update button, and it’s done.  

How to Fix WordPress Optimize Images Issue

January 16, 2018
In the WordPress, Optimize Images Issue come when we check the page speed on the Google PageSpeed. you can remove the Optimize Images Issue by using the Smush Image Compression and Optimization Plugin. Login Admin Dashboard   Install the Smush Image Compression and Optimizatio Plugin. Your image library is processed – up to 50 images at a time. Set automatic smush to resize and optomize every image as it is uploaded. Smush will find and optimize images for you.

How To Boost Revenie Through Performance Testing

January 15, 2018
Performance testing is performed to evaluate the speed and effectiveness of a software program, network, computer or device. It determines how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under certain situation. It investigates and measures the quality attributes like speed, scalability, reliability, stability and resource usage of the system. It helps in verifying that whether the system meets the specifications claimed by the manufacturer or not. Effective performance testing can quickly uncover the problem areas which need improvement. It eliminates the performance bottlenecks from the system. It ensures that software meets the required standards before it goes to market. Why do performance testing? Performance testing is crucial for growth and success of a business. A poor performing system or software not only leads to financial loses but also de-accelerate your business growth. If a software or system is launched without the performance testing it might have some undetected quality issues which are likely to create bad reputation and lose in the market. Here are some of the advantages of performance testing. Performance testing enhances optimization and capacity planning efforts. It provides information about the areas which need improvement in software. It inspects the quality of product and if there is any defect it identifies and rectifies that. It helps in measuring the end-user response time and user load level. Identifies the performance boundaries and discover bugs in each component. It ensures the accuracy and reliability of the product in market building a great reputation.   Types of performance testing Based on the techniques and methodologies performance testing is classified into different categories. Major types of performance testing are as following: Load testing: Load testing is the simplest form of all the testing. It is performed to check the behavior of the system or software with the constant increasing load unless it reaches to its threshold limit. It provides the range of specific expected load system can hold. Here load is the number of users performing a specific number of transactions. Thus, it tests the performance of system from normal to peak usage. Stress testing: Stress testing is a type of testing performed to evaluate the behavior of a system beyond its threshold limit. Its objective is to identify the breaking point of the system and how efficiently it recovers back from the breaking point. It is also known as Fatigue testing and checks the stability of the system in the adverse environment. It helps you in deciding what kinds of failure are most valuable and necessary to plan for. It is performed to test the non-functional requirement of the software application. Spike testing: Spike testing is performed to determine the behavior of the system by suddenly and substantially increasing the load by a very large amount. The aim is to determine whether the system will sustain the dramatic change in load or its performance will suffer. Endurance Testing: Endurance testing is also known as Soak testing. It is performed to find out if the system can sustain a

How to add post ratings in wordpress

January 13, 2018
Do you want to add the post ratings in WordPress website? In this article, we will show how to add post ratings in the WordPress website by using Post Ratings Plugin.   Login admin dashboard Install and activate the Post Ratings Plugin. Go to Settings >> Post Ratings You can set the Post Ratings and click on the Save button after changing the setting. As an example, you can see the image…

Test Automation

January 12, 2018
Test automation is the use of special software tools to aid testing. Assurance of software quality is an important part of software development life cycle and it can be acquired through testing of the software. Test automation provides quick feedback of new features and detects the bugs if any. It helps you to get rid of repetitive manual testing and provides organised programs with the help of automation tools for testing. Manual testing is time consuming and requires rigorous work practice for performing several tests but opting for automation test saves lot of time without human intervention. Test automation brings several benefits this is why they have become an integral part of the application development. Benefits of test automation Many companies are adopting automation testing as it keeps them ahead in the competition of technological world. There are various advantages of test automation in application development. Some of the major advantages of automation testing are following. Reliability: Automation testing is more reliable and accurate than manual testing. Output analysed through test automation tends to be more accurate and error free. Faster: It saves lot of time as it provides faster result than human users. They take lesser time and deliver the result before the deadline. Quality: Opting for test automation guarantees the quality-oriented result. It cross-checks the product ensuring its quality and promoting your brand. Detect errors easily: Their capability to spot the bug is faster and accurate. All the errors get noticed during test automation providing error free application. Reusability: While performing manual testing you have to perform the test with same efforts every time you need it but automation testing can be reused several times whenever you need it in future as you do not need new test scripts. Cost effective: It requires lesser human resource than manual testing and saves your money. One-time investment in automation tools provides you with long term return of investment. Types of test automation There are various methodologies and approaches for test automation based on which test automations are classified into few categories. Automated Unit testing: These tests are performed to test on the code level. Errors are detected in the functions, methods and routines developed by developers. By running unit test you get to know about the functionality of the program. If the test fails it shows there is an error in production code. Some of the most popular unit test tools required for automatically testing new versions and building development process are NUnit, xUnit.net, PyUnit, JUnit, TestNG, PHPUnit, Symfony Lime, RSpec etc. Automated GUI testing: This methodology can be applied to any application which has a graphical user interface (GUI). It is one of the toughest approaches as it involves user interface which are highly subjected to change. But in this testing bugs can be found early and it requires little software development. Some of the important tools for building and executing robust GUI tests for various operating systems are Squish, Ranorex, Test studio, Test complete, eggplant etc. Automated API


January 10, 2018
Security testing is a type of software testing which is performed to uncover flaws and vulnerabilities in the security mechanism of an information system. It is done to find all the possible loopholes and weakness of the system which can lead to loss of information, data and resources to the possible intruders. As many important and personal data are stored in web applications, proper security testing is vital to ensure that confidential remains confidential. Once the system is developed and installed security testing must be performed to identify the vulnerabilities of network security. Why security testing? Security testing is crucial for the software development. Let’s have a look at major benefits of security testing. Identifies the risk and fixes them preventing future loses and risks. Provides a reliable and secure network. Increase online means of revenue generation. Prevents the website downtime, time loss and expenditures in recovering from damage. Creates significant improvement in the quality of software. Gains customer’s trust and loyalty.   Attributes of security testing There are seven major attributes of security testing which are emphasized. Following are the major attributes: Authentication: The process of identifying the accessibility of a person before allowing him to access the system is known as authentication. It confirms that user is authentic and the program is in safe hands. Authorization: After authentication this attribute ensures that the user has authority to receive a service or perform an operation. It ensures that user is authorized to see the contents or make changes in the program. It sets the permission limit for user. Confidentiality: This attribute ensures that the information is disclosed to only intended users when requested. It is performed to check that unauthorized user do not get access to confidential information. To maintain the confidentiality information is stored in encrypted format not in plain format. Availability: It is to check that program is available any time whenever it is required by authentic users. Integrity: This attribute ensures that the information provided to user is not altered and is correct and updated. It also ensures that correct information is transferred from one application to another. Non-repudiation: It ensures that a transferred message has been sent or received by the users claiming for it. It validates that senders and receivers are genuine. Resilience: This is to check the resistance of system to bear the attacks.   Types of security testing Based on the techniques and methodologies of the security testing performed on an application they are classified into following categories: Vulnerability scanning: It is an automatic scanning to identify the loopholes and weakness of the system from where it can be exploited or threatened. Penetration testing: In this test an attack is stimulated on the system to detect the loopholes. Using this approach gives better understanding about the weaknesses of system which are threat to confidential information. Ethical hacking: Ethical hacking is hacking the system under test from within to expose all the security flaws in the application or software. It suggests changes to
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